Parenting and Product Management

Cranky PM has a great post on Product Management and parenting.

So, YEAH.  Product Management is JUST LIKE parenting.  JUST LIKE.  Especially if:

  1. You go around asking everyone about your baby’s strengths, but especially his weaknesses.
  2. You do win-loss analysis after play dates.
  3. You actively seek market problems that your toddler can profitably solve.  For example, maybe Judd Apatow’s next film could use the CrankyKid’s cursing and new-found toileting skills?
  4. You send out surveys to relatives, friends, members of the local mother’s club, and those “Mommy and Me” Pilates people (or do we only have these in California?) about how well your child is meeting their needs, and what their perception of your child’s brand is.
  5. You maintain a 10-year roadmap for the child, in PowerPoint format.
  6. You conclude that after two years of being a drag on your household’s finances, that you need to shoot your spawn in the head.  Or at least “desupport” him/her by refusing to further feed, clothe or educate him/her.

I love #5. I’m definitely maintaining a 10 year roadmap on my kids.

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