My Notes from the BlueKai Data Summit on the M6D Blog

I recently had the opportunity to attend the BlueKai Data Summit and posted some of my thoughts on the Media6Degrees blog:

Yesterday at the BlueKai Data Summit, BlueKai CEO Omar Tawakol listed five macro trends that they are seeing in the market for online data.  Paraphrasing a bit, the trends are:

  1. Emergence of the Data Management Platform – The DMP (a new acronym that Omar may have coined) seems to be a tool or organization that manages the integration of third-party data with first-party data and measures the resulting performance.
  2. Moving Beyond the Banner – Increasingly, third-party data is being used not just for advertising campaigns but for other purposes like optimizing on-site offers.
  3. Moving Beyond the Pixel – Industry players are looking at ways to collect data other than by pixeling the whole Internet.  Some of these approaches are a natural extension of current methodologies, while others, like system fingerprinting, have potentially troubling privacy implications.
  4. Rise in Transparency Tools – In the current regulatory environment, it is increasingly important to offer consumers the ability to control how their data is used by allowing them to opt-out of tracking or modify their preferences.
  5. Trading Desks Take the Lead – Holding company trading desks are becoming a more powerful force in the market in a way that will have an impact on the overall ecosystem.

Media6Degrees is not a “data” company in the classic sense (rather than sell data, we use data and proprietary data science to provide high-performing ad solutions to large marketers), but this view does generally align with what we are seeing.  Whatever a DMP might be, we seem to meet the given definition.  We believe that the best way to deliver campaign results is to use a marketer’s current site visitors (first-party data) and expand that population using our social graph (third-party data) to identify the prospect population most receptive to that marketer’s brand message.

While our core product remains combining social data with exchange inventory to deliver performance display ad campaigns, we are beginning to work with marketers (and publishers) to use our social graph to target offers relevant to their site visitors.  Early trials indicate that using social data in this way dramatically improves results.

We are firmly committed to providing transparency.  In addition to offering consumer opt-out on our site, we are leaders in the NAI and are working to support the CLEAR Ads Notice initiative as that standard gains acceptance.

These trends warrant attention, and you can be sure that Media6Degrees will remain at the forefront on these issues and continue to offer the best solutions for our customers.

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