Jangl: What’s the Point?

Om Malik has a a post on Jangl which has been getting lots of coverage over the past few days.

Lets’ say if you meet someone and the only information you have about them, is their email address. You can go to Jangl website, and enter their email address. The Jangl system assigns them a temporary phone number, and allows you to leave them a voice mail message, which is then forwarded to their email inbox.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what problem this solves for a user. If the only information I have on someone is their email address, I’d sent them an email. If I wanted to talk to them, that email would say, “what’s your phone number?” This seems to me like a solution without a problem.

Jangl is almost the mirror image of SimulScribe, and SpinVox which are reviewed in today’s WSJ (subscription). These services transcribe the audio from your voicemail and email the text to you. This is of great value if you live by email and spend a lot of time in meetings.

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