Add One New Thing

Someone once gave me a book called “How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization” by Jeffery Fox. It contained a list of suggestions that any professional should follow to become a senior manager. It is a pretty light read but some of the rules really stuck with me including:

– Make one more call
– Don’t hide the elephant
– Avoid staff jobs, seek line jobs

There are 75 suggestions and while I can’t pretend to follow most of them, one item struck me as particularly good advice. Fox suggests you should “Add one big new thing to your life each year.” The rational is that as you progress in your career and gain responsibility, you will need to add to your understanding of business areas that you previously had no exposure to. For example, a marketer may become General Manager of a division and need to get intimately familiar with its finances.

The point of adding one new thing is to develop a proficiency in learning new skills.

That is my reason for creating this blog. I aim to write about things that interest me in technology, business, and my career. In the process, I hope to hone my writing skills, gain familiarity with the technologies that exist for web publishing, and hopefully sharpen my thought process as it relates to these topics. If anyone reads any of this, then that’s just gravy.

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