Thanks for visiting. This isn’t a terribly active blog but I do like having a ready platform for sharing my thoughts. I also like to experiment with web publishing tools.

Here are some things about me:

  • I live on Long Island with my wife, two young boys, and a little girl. I work in New York City. I spend a lot of time on the Long Island Rail Road.
  • I have nearly 20 years experience in business development and product management roles,  I’m currently the Senior Vice President of Platform Services at Dstillery where we are transforming our managed services based business to a self-service Saas model.  This is fun.
  • I love projects with a high level of ambiguity and momentum. When things are moving fast and a bit out of control, I love to add structure to focus on the truly important issues that drive business results.
  • Outside of work, I love reading, chasing the kids around the yard, and skiing.
  • As a sports fan, I root for a rare combination of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants. This often confuses people.

I can be found at:


If you find anything interesting here leave a comment or drop me a line at me at kevinreilly dot me.

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