Thanks for visiting. This isn’t a terribly active blog but I do like having a ready platform for sharing my thoughts. I also like to experiment with web publishing tools.

Here are some things about me:

  • I live on Long Island with my wife, two young boys, and a little girl. I work in New York City. I spend a lot of time on the Long Island Rail Road.
  • I have over 15 years of product management experience including the last eight in leadership roles.
  • I love projects with a high level of ambiguity and momentum. When things are moving fast and a bit out of control, I love to add structure to focus on the truly important issues that drive business results.
  • Outside of work, I love reading, chasing the kids around the yard, and skiing.
  • As a sports fan, I root for a rare combination of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants. This often confuses people.

I can be found at:


If you find anything interesting here leave a comment or drop me a line at me at kevinreilly dot me.

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