From the m6d Blog: The Constant Gardener

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to post on the m6d blog about some exciting technology we’re developing to ensure the quality exchange inventory we buy.  I re-posted it below, but you can (and should) read the original here.


Ad exchanges are like a garden bed. Just as soil doesn’t know the difference between a flower and a weed, ad exchanges do not always distinguish between good and bad inventory. It takes a vigilant gardener to weed out any undesirable elements. Lately, Media6Degrees has been doing a lot of gardening.

We are, and intend to remain, the most aggressive company in the exchange ecosystem in rooting out the bad stuff so that we buy only the best impressions for our marketers. We’ve been told repeatedly by our supply partners that nobody takes inventory quality more seriously than we do.

Our approach manifests itself in four areas:

  1. Brand Safety
  2. Ad Collision (also known as Unintended Roadblocks) Prevention
  3. Fraud Protection
  4. Viewability

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